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Global Integrated Services/Transportation

Won’t let you miss any business opportunity

With our worldwide agency network around the world, we can provide you with our freights services by sea to any country and any region. Our agencies are capable of dealing with problems so you can focus on developing your business without worrying about delivering your goods to the customers.

Sea transport

Sea transport is one of the arterial ways to bring cargoes to olaces in the world at the most competitive cost. With a wide network of agents around the world, GK Logistics Vietnam is confident to bring our customers

Sea freight
Icon Money Competitive prices
Icon Road The shortest route
Icon Trash Minimized amount of exhaust into the environment.

We provide most services in the international shipping lines, including

Icon Container Full container shipping (FCL)
Icon Goods Less-than-container shipping (LCL)
Icon Ship Reefer container shipping
Icon Goods Cold Bulk cargoes
Icon Goods Project Oversized and heavy-weight cargoes
Icon Goods Weight Project cargoes

The commodities we regularly handle by sea transport includes

Icon Money Garments, footwear
Icon Money Auto parts, electronics
Icon Money Precision mechanics
Icon Money Iron and steel
Icon Money Mechanism
Icon Money Consumer goods
Icon Money Structure, components of projects
Icon Money Food, agricultural products,...

Strategic partners

Sea freight

Air transport

The key factor in the field of air transport is the issue of time and cost. Understanding the urgency to meet the required leadtime, GK Logistics Vietnam is proud to provide

Icon Clock On-time delivery
Icon Mark Ensuring the quality and safety of goods
Icon Money The most competitive prices

In addition to "airport-to-airport" services and airline consolidation services, we also provide transportation solutions

Icon Money Door to door
Icon Money Full charter flight service
Icon Money Hand-carry service for urgent shipments

The commodities we regularly transport by air includes

Icon Money Garments, footwear
Icon Money Electronic components
Icon Money
Food goods (Including refrigerated food or cold food)
Icon Money Cosmetic
Icon Money Medical equipment

Strategic partners

Less-than-container transportation

GK Logistics Vietnam provides consolidation services from Vietnam to Japan with routes such as:
Every Wednesday transit time is about 7 days
Ho Chi Minh
Every Thursday and Sunday transit time about 8 days
Every Sunday transit time is about 7 days
Osaka, Kobe
Ho Chi Minh
Every Thursday and Sunday transit time about 8 days
Osaka, Kobe

Each of your shipments when sent to GK Logistics Vietnam warehouse will be well received and preserved by staff at the best condition until they are transferred to containers, loaded onto ships and delivered to overseas partners. We will store photos of goods when entering and leaving the warehouse in order to update the actual status of the goods.


Inland transport

Inland transport plays an important role in the supply chain and an indispensable piece in the overall picture of GK Logistics Vietnam's services. With a fleet of drivers with experience in transporting goods from ordinary shipments to special shipments such as oversized and heavy-weight goods with specific characteristics.
We have a wide range of vehicles to meet the needs of our customers:

  • Trucks with weight classìications: 1.25Tons, 2.5Tons, 3.5Tons, 5Tons, 8Tons
  • Regular container tractors
  • Reefer container tractors
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Self-propelled cranes

The vehicles are always carefully checked before each journey, ensuring that goods reach customers safely and quickly.

Multimodal transportation

Vietnam has many advantages in developing multimodal transportation services because the terrain is surrounded by seas, rivers, lakes and canals from north to south combined with a stable running railway system.
Based on the economic scale and shipping time, we will advise and support customers on suitable multimodal transportation methods to save costs and reduce financial pressure on businesses with services such as:

Some routes that multimodal transportation can be applied: Inland waterways - roads combines from North to South
Cambodia overland to Ho Chi Minh, then by boat to JPMP
Ho Chi Minh
Vietnam road - rail combines via China/Russia/EU/Central Asia

Cross-border transportation

With the advantage of close distance to neighboring countries such as China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, cross-border transportation plays a very important role in trading business between Vietnam and other nations. These are also the strengths and strategies that GK Logistics Vietnam is focusing on developing.

The fleets we provides have cross-border transport licenses, which enables us to deliver goods door-to-door and assist our customers in customs declaration.

Customs clearance agent

As a customs clearance agent, GK Logistics Vietnam can receive authorization from our customers to handle the customs declaration dossier and represent with our name on the declaration as an agent. (GK Logistics Vietnam will use our signature and legal entity seal to open the declaration.)
With the focus on developing specific human resources for customs declaration with wide experience, knowledge and enthusiastic attitude without limitations in terms of time and location, we can quickly release goods with only 6-8 hours for air cargoes, 2 days for FCL shipmets, 3 days for LCL shipments, thereby minimizing storage costs that may be incurred.

Time for customs clearance and release of goods
For air cargoes Icon Money 6-8 hours
For FCL shipmets Icon Money 2 days
For LCL shipments Icon Money 3 days

Warehousing services

In addition to transportation services, GK Logistics Vietnam also provides the following pakages of warehousing services:

  • Providing numerous kinds of warehousing surplus services including: customs declaration, import and export from bonded warehouses, forwarding and order management as the request of customers,
  • Providing general warehouses and bonded warehouses rental services with large space, competitive price, accompanied by professional logistics services, ensuring safety, convenience with monitoring and control system; high-quality infrastructure and modern information technology systems.
  • Providing bonded warehouse forwarding services under 3-party and 4-party contracts at the request of customers;
  • Advising customers about suitable and economical types of warehouse services according to each specific circumstance

We have a system of affiliated warehouses throughout Vietnam and Japan to help you store commodities in the most efficient and safe way.

Project cargoes

One of the branding services of GK Logistics Vietnam is to provide solutions and implement specific requirements of project cargoes such as:

  • Factory relocation
  • Transporting heavy-weight goods
  • High-value goods shipping
  • Event logistics

Some actual images:

Customs clearance consulting services

Understanding the complexity in the implementation of regulations and documents in Customs Laws in Vietnam, GK Logistics Vietnam are willing to bring customers favorable conditions in customs declaration activities in accordance with the provisions of law. We provide consulting services as follows:

Commercial businesses

  • Providing guidance on preparation of import and export documents;
  • Consulting on customs procedures, commodity policies, commodity codes (HS code), tax rates for import-export goods;
  • Providing guidance and supporting the application of import and export licenses, specialized inspection licenses;
  • Providing guidance and supporting e-Customs declaration;
  • Providing guidance on applying for certificates of origin (C/O);
  • Providing guidance on storaging of Customs records as regulations;
  • Training of import-export department staff;
  • Consulting on customs procedures and accompanying businesses;
  • Support when goods need post-customs clearance inspection.

Manufacturing, export processing, machining businesses

  • Providing consultancy on building operation procedures of import-export departments and professional training for import-export staffs in accordance with the operation model of the enterprise;
  • Providing guidance on how to monitor and manage data between the import-export departments and other departments as the current Customs Law;
  • Providing guidance on the disposal of scrap and waste products from production process as regulations on import and export tax administration;
  • Providing guidance on how to calculate and adjust manufacturing norms for products as current regulations and actual demand of enterprises;
  • Providing guidance on annual settlement reports according to specific indicators and minimize risks caused by failure data recordings of the import-export department;
  • Reviewing and assessing the risk level of the enterprise’s internal import-export data system in order to promptly take significant adjustments;
  • Consulting, accompanying and supporting enterprises in working with authorities in the process of customs clearance and inspection;
  • Consulting logistics solutions suitable to production activities of enterprises to minimize logistics costs and ensure safe, timely and effective logistics activities;

We offer flexible consulting packages periodically (monthly/quarterly/yearly) or according to each business emerging at the time of request under curcumstances for customers' options.

Belows are customs clearance and audit consulting services for FDI companies expanding into Vietnam (from the stages before the company's establishment, before operation and until the company comes into operation)

Pre-establishing company After establishing company
Before operation After operation
  • Advising of business license:

Give advice on which form is appropriated for the company: EPE or FDI

  • Advising of business license:

Advising on the whole lot of importing process, not only customs clearance

  • Setting up the factory’s logistics procedure:

Proposal of logistics system and custom measures which utilize bonded warehouse and meets customer’s needs

  • Company establishment requirements:

Checking conditions and give advice for customs declaration registration

  • Factory inspection method:

Advise the items pointed out by Customs and necessary documents, on-site inspection

  • Post-clearance audit method:

Internal audit of import / export data and proposal of solving method

  • License:

License required for import / export and domestic sales

  • Setting inventory management system, staff training:

Inventory management method to prevent deviation of inventory data among the three departments of import / export , warehouse and accounting

Staff training
  • Dispatch of Import Export staff:

Dispatch professionals who will take over trade operations

  • Treatment for defective products and waste:

Proposal of right methods based on Vietnamese laws and regulations