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The predecessor of GKLV is the representative office of GOYO KOUN CO., LTD Japan located in Hanoi, Hai Phong, and Ho Chi Minh from 2012 to the end of 2016. During this period, GKLV has completed the task of becoming a business link between Vietnam and partners in Japan. Additionally, it marks the beginning of GKLV’s development strategy for the upcoming years.



In January 2017, GK LOGISTICS VIETNAM CO., LTD was officially established based on the foundation that has been cultivated since the representative office period of GOYO KOUN. With a new scale and an abundance of functions, GKLV confidently builds, expands, develops, and expresses its own identity. It also gradually turns into a nurturing atmosphere for young people who are passionate about logistics.

In September 2017, successfully transporting 20 cargo ULDs by air within 02 months, was not a small challenge despite significant challenges during the peak season of air cargo. With a relatively young and developing team, GK Logistics Vietnam demonstrated its internal strength and gradually established its position in the highly competitive logistics market.



With the motto of constantly developing, expanding, and diversifying services to provide customers with optimal solutions as well as gradually perfecting the panorama of GKLV, in April 2018 we completed the process of customs clearance, transportation, dismantling, and installation of machinery and equipment into the factory of the project to support FDI enterprises in Pho Noi A Industrial Park – Hung Yen. This is also the first step to help GKLV confidently develop the PROJECT PRODUCTS service in the following years.

With the office expansion in June 2018, GKLV is ready to serve our customers in the vibrant, developing logistics market – Ho Chi Minh . Also this year, GKLV gladly welcomed the President of GOYO KOUN Company to visit and congratulate the achievements.


In the course of development, the year 2019 marked the affirmation of GKLV’s position when finishing projects to install and construct factories for new enterprises in Vinh Phuc industrial parks  (KOWA GLOBAL, SHOWA JUSHI), and Hung Yen (KOKWANG).

Besides developing and expanding services, GKLV also always puts the human factor as one of the goals that need to be focused on through training sessions, and practical training in the field to help perfect skills and accumulate experience for GKLV’s staff.

2019 is considered a memorable year when GKLV was in charge of Logistics for the international sporting event – Formula 1 Hanoi Grand Prix in 2020. Also this year, with the goal of bringing the image and people of GKLV to the world, GKLV’s representative participated in one of the major logistics conferences – 2nd LOGIX INDIA in New Delhi, India.



In 2020, the whole world faces new challenges when the Covid 19 pandemic begins to appear, causing a significant impact on the global economy and affecting the Logistics market. However, with bravery and internal strength, GKLV has completed the target by receiving many new projects, supporting FDI enterprises to complete their factories, and becoming a domestic transport unit for one of the leading steel production and supply factories in the North – HANWA SMC.

One of the strengths of GKLV is the team of customs declaration staff who have highly specialized knowledge and experience in the field, so in 2020 GKLV has deployed and promoted customs brokerage services that bring efficiency and helps a lot of businesses.


Under the heavy influence of the pandemic, 2021 brings more challenges to GKLV. With a staff of young people’s enthusiasm and passion for logistics, GKLV has overcome the social distancing period to ensure that the connection between Vietnamese businesses and international partners is not broken and minimize the unnecessary arising of customers during this period.

Besides, the service quality of GKLV was once again recognized by customers through internal training sessions for corporate employees to help them have basic knowledge of the business. By being certified by the General Department of Vietnam Customs, GKLV confidently commits that we always bring to our customers useful, up-to-date information, and advice on reciprocal solutions for problems and always accompanies businesses when having problems with customs procedures with the management agency. Realizing the intrinsic strength of an enterprise focuses mainly on internal human resources, GKLV’s leadership always places a high priority on the development and training of the next generation by taking part in and supporting logistics projects and programs, accepting interns from universities, and assisting children and teenagers in having an environment to develop themselves and nurture their passion for the profession. The pivotal years have helped GKLV build a brand and a foothold in the logistics market. 



Continuing to promote its strengths, GKLV has completed many projects to move machinery and equipment for businesses and develop customs clearance consulting services in the first 6 months of 2022. Becoming a member of the Hanoi Logistics Association (HNLA) has brought GKLV many opportunities and open markets to further assert itself. In November 2022, with the strong support of the parent company GOYO LOGITEM in Japan and many years of experience, GKLV formally introduced the CONSOLIDATION SERVICE in order to connect shippers in Vietnam with international cooperation without having to consider or worry about the volume of goods more or less. We are always committed to providing our customers with the best service quality as well as the best advice. Continuing to promote strengths, expand markets, improve service quality, and make further strides in logistics are the prerequisite criteria that GKLV sets for 2023.

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